Wholesale Double Face Satin Ribbon Rolls - 500 Yards Min. Order | Polyester Woven Ribbon | Multi Colors Available

Size: 3/8''(10mm)
Quantity: 500 Yards
Precio de venta$69.99


As a leading manufacturer of satin ribbons, we take pride in our extensive inventory of high-quality, double-sided satin ribbons. With a comprehensive color card showcasing 198 vibrant and versatile shades, we are your one-stop-shop for all your ribbon needs.

Our satin ribbons are meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring unparalleled durability and a luxurious sheen that will elevate any project. Whether you're a crafter, event planner, or retailer, our diverse color palette allows you to find the perfect match for your specific requirements.

Explore our vast collection and discover the endless possibilities for your next DIY creation, party decor, gift wrapping, or commercial applications. With our bulk wholesale pricing and prompt shipping, you can streamline your operations and keep your shelves stocked with the best satin ribbons the market has to offer.

Experience the quality and convenience of our satin ribbon collection today and let your creativity soar. Contact us to request a color card and discuss your custom needs – we're here to help your business flourish.

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