Design & Buy Now: Golden Edged Satin


Company picnics are fantastic annual gatherings that allow families and colleagues to create cherished memories while enjoying outdoor activities and festivities. At Laribbons, we are dedicated to providing all your ribbon needs to ensure the success of your company picnic.

A wonderful picnic idea is to host various events that offer prizes for all participants, not just the winners. For award ribbons, personalized ribbon is a unique and special choice. If your company picnic also doubles as an employee recognition event, consider recognition plaques adorned with double-faced satin ribbon, which can be customized with your desired imprint. Additionally, printed ribbon can be used to create thoughtful event decorations. Decorative table centerpieces make for an appealing and considerate addition to place settings, ensuring that your employees and their families will thoroughly enjoy this exciting gathering.

Designing personalized ribbon is a breeze: simply choose a ribbon style to customize and start designing using our user-friendly design tool. Should you need any assistance with placing your ribbon order, our friendly customer care representatives are here to help. Give us a call at 1-914-613-7376, and we will gladly address any questions or concerns you may have.

Furthermore, you can make use of any extra ribbon for...
Golf Outing
Product display
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